I develop content, such as documentation, websites, and newsletters for technical and non-technical audiences.

About two-thirds of my work has been for developers; documents such as SDK quickstarts and user guides, API reference guides, architectural overviews, software specifications, white papers, and knowledgebase articles.

I also write for other audiences. For example, recently, I helped a French blockchain-based video game company connect with their crowdfunding backers. I created, translated, and edited content for their website, newsletters, and video scripts.

My clients are located in places like California, New York, and Lyon, France. We communicate mostly by voice and text using Skype and Slack. For reviews and handing off completed work, we use Google docs/drive, Dropbox, and GitHub.

About half of my clients are confidential, so I can’t include their work in the following portfolio. If you’re interested, please feel free to book a meeting for us to talk.