Will North Carolina toss out my vote by absentee ballot?

vote.org receipt

It’s August 29th. I’m going to test whether voting in the upcoming elections will work. Today I got an email from vote.org describing their efforts to increase voter participation in the upcoming elections. With all the controversy over voting by mail and suggestions that a massive attempt at voter suppression is underway, I’ve decided to test the system and report my results here. Please note that this will be just one example and that it is hard to extrapolate from a single datapoint. Nevertheless, it might be interesting to see how it goes.

Here’s a screenshot from part of the vote.org email I received.

I clicked the link to “request a mail-in ballot and vote from home” and got the following message moments later.

I clicked the “Click here to open your application” link and printed the following absentee ballot form. I also noted the link in “You can track your ballot directly with your state.” I plan to use that link and share the results with you in upcoming posts.

This is the first page of the form. The county elections commission address is downtown a mile from where I live. It should be interesting to see how quickly my ballot is logged after I send it. I thought about using registered mail to track its arrival time, but that would tend to skew the results.

Because voting as an essential part of democracy, I decided to support vote.org with a one-time donation of $10 today. I made a similar donation to them in the recent past.

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